Identification Services

Improving mineralogical vectoring to identify ore-rich zones and enhance ore grading and recovery

Lithoscan Elite:
Hyperspectral Core Imaging

Scient’s Lithoscan facilitates hyperspectral core Imaging (HSI) at the finest resolution, both spectrally (~1.7nm) and spectrally (>0.5mm).

Collected spectra undergo comparison to those in largest mineral reference libraries to enable accurate mineral identification and modal percentage determinations.

The production of quantitative logs and maps of lithotypes allows for visual inspection of structural, textural, and mineralogical interrelations to delineate and target ore bodies.

Integration of alteration and mineralization patterns seen by HSI with RGB images reveals critical features for precious metal and mineral explorations that would otherwise be indistinguishable by human eyes.

Lithoscan Pro:
RGB Core Photography

RGB-Core captures distortion-free images with up to 32K (8466.7mm) pixel-resolution, ready to import into subsurface modelling programs, such as Leapfrog, Kingdom and Petrel.

Capturing core photos can be a challenging task for geoscientists. The resolution is often lacking and the data is not easily accessible using subsurface modeling platforms.

However, Lithoscan changes all that. Developed in close collaboration with professional geoscientists and based on the latest imaging technologies, Lithoscan produces high-quality imagery data in a user-friendly format that can be readily imported into subsurface modeling programs. This means you can access the data you need quickly and easily, with significantly improved quality.

Lithoscan is designed to bring the best in industry practices to archiving core assets, making it an essential tool for any professional geoscientist.

Data Integration

Lithoscope is a virtual core laboratory designed to overcome the barrier of analyzing hyperspectral imaging data for non-domain experts. It enables exploration geologists to visualize data and apply pre-defined workflows for identifying mineral composition and quantifying target minerals. This goes beyond preliminary interpretations tailored for specific commodities.

Lithoscope updates in real-time as the project proceeds, allowing for early-stage exploration through remote interrogation of core imagery datasets. It digitizes core assets and allows for mass-scale lithological composition characterization, improving the value and return on investment for physical sample storage.

The last but definitely not the least is Lithoscope ability to generate a digital photographic and hyperspectral database of drill core, complete with metadata and mineralogical characterization. This enables industry partners and researchers to utilize drill core assets in support of their initiatives.

Lithoscope integrates with existing infrastructure for real-time analysis of hyperspectral core images at data management portals. The interface allows end-users to visualize spectrograms, inspect them against spectral library templates, and use pre-defined workflows for identifying mineral composition and quantifying target minerals.