Elevating Standards of Exploration

We de-risk mining operations and reduce their environmental impact
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Why Scient?

Scient reproducible core logging

Customizable Sensors / Hyperspectral Core Imaging

Scient - leading edge scanning rates

1100m / Day Scan Rate

Scient - Resolutions up to 32K

Ultra-High Resolution

Using Headwall Photonics Technology

Industry Leading VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Sensors

Scient Cloud Integration

Interactive Cloud Core Laboratory Data Management Support

Our proprietary hardware and software solution removes the latency between drilling and detailed geochemical analyses of core.
Scient technology improves mineralogical vectoring to precisely identify ore-rich zones and significantly enhance ore grading and recovery during production.

Our Partners

Canadian National Research Council Ivado labsPropel ICTNEXTAIEmera ideaHUBPolytechnique MontrealInvest Nova ScotiaMitacsLab 2 MarketIgnite AtlanticDalhousie UniversityAcadia University
“This (Scient) technology not only improves resolution of captured images, but also provides a consistent and reliable data collection process that is more efficient than conventional methods.”
- Jesse H, P.Geo