About Us

Scient helps Prospectors and Mining companies exponentially improve the ROI of exploration by increasing the speed and accuracy of the core images using proprietary hardware, and AI software to identify what the naked eye cannot see.

Our Team

Masoud CEO

Masoud Aali

Founder and CEO

Martin Bentley

Martin Bentley

Senior Scientific Programmer

Jaber Rad

Jaber Rad

PhD Candidate
Data Science Lead

Soundarya K

Soundarya Kaveti

UI/UX Designer

Payton Brown

Payton Brown

Mechanical Eng.

Three Pillars of Operation

Value Generation for Clients: We place strong emphasis on creating value for clients in every engagement, ensuring long-term business relationships.  

Scalability-Centric Decisions: Business decisions are made with scalability in mind to ensure long-term growth and adaptability to changing market.

Intellectual Property & Revenue Focus: Every team member and activity contribute to either adding intellectual property or generating sales, aligning efforts towards growth and innovation.

  • Mission

    Empowering Sustainable Exploration: Scient's mission is to empower natural resource exploration, with a commitment to innovation in sustainable practices.

  • Vision

    Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Returns: Our vision is to minimize the risks associated with exploration while improving the return on drilling investments. This happens ultimately when the result of drilling today guides tomorrows operation through data-driven insight.

  • Strategy

    Delivering Solutions for Geologists: We provide solutions that assist mineral identification on a mass scale, includes Hardware & Instrumentation, Analytical Software, Educational Webinars & Workshops and R&D Engagement.